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Cold Days, Cold Metal, It's No Party In The Park This Time of Year
Days #346-366, More Photos Of Lars And The Monkeys
Days #324-345, More Photos Of Lars And The Monkeys
Days #291-323, More Photos Of Lars And The Monkeys
Days #258-290, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys
Days #236-257, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys
Days #214-235, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys
Moooooooooove Over Plush Accommodations, It's Time For A Camping Trip
Deschutes County Fair - It's a Deep-Fried Thing
Bend Summerfest - I Am MOsley WOtta
Days #194-213, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys
Fourth Of July : Snakes In A Parade - Part Two
Days #172-193, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys
Days #156-171, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys
Days #140-155, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys
Days #129-139, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys
Two Loons Can't Ruin My Procession of the Species Parade Experience
Days #113-128, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys
Fashion Trumps Fame or I Am No Paparazzi, Even Though I Always Carry My Camera
Days #92-112, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys
Magnus Face Painting
Days #79-91, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys
My Cloning Project Worked
Days #63-78, More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys
The Polar Plunge: Shrinkage May Occur
Days #47-62, 2012 Means More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys
Oh Bend, I Punk Thee
Days #32-46, 2012 Means More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys
When 2D Is Simply Not Enough
Days #12-31, Means More Photos Of Lars And Monkeys
The Lars 365 Day Project Has Begun
It's Beginning To Look Like C...
The REAL Bend Christmas Parade
More Summer Love
More From The Man From The Red Planet
The Robots Have More To Fear, The Man From The Red Planet Is Here
Schedule That Baby In Already, Oh Wait There Was Some October Stuff To Talk About
Mittens In July? Oh Wait, It's Not July Anymore
When Zombies and Vampires Put On Roller Skates, Bring The Toddler
Race For The Cure 2011
On The Road - More Seattle (Part 2)
On The Road - Next To Seattle (Part 1)
On The Road - First To Astoria
Cascade Cycling Classic - The 2011 Recap
South Sister Redux : This Time It's Electric
The Prelude Mountain For the Upcoming Mountain, It's All Mental
The Tragedy Of The Shakespeare Thespian and The Fred Meyer Gas Attendant
The (Almost) Reunion In Union
Not Quite The Fairy Tale I Had Hoped For
If I Was A Vampire, I Would Have Been Dead Already
The Making Of Chili Bowl Grunge
J. Crew Models In MY House, Who Knew?
Bicycles, Bikinis, Bad Hair & Freedom All Around (Part 2 Of The Recap)
A Delayed 4th Recap - Part 1
Roughing It With Man Food
A Weekend Of Events
Some Old And Some New, Stuff I Could I Wrote About: Redux
Pond Skimming GOOD, The Source's info EVIL
Jenny & Johnny, Bright Eyes & Death Cab For Cutie Rocked Hot, Despite The Cold
Is It A Race Or A Really Bad Fashion Show
Contingency Plans Usually Involve Blue Cheese
An Easter Feast With The Teacher Out Of Town
Busy Being Busy
The Flash Bus Tour Had Full Power, My Sunday Drive Home Had No Power
Wind, Chili Dogs, Fajitas and Ribs Oh My! Snow Too
Things That Make You Go Hmmm...
Cake, Presents, Fresh Crab, Squeaky Cheese, Seriously, It's All Here
Number One
Very Muddy Old Mill Cyclocross Action Indeed
Twelve 2010 Albums Worthy of Your iTunes Gift Cards
Thanks Bend (Once Again) for a Truly Nightmare Inducing X-MAS Parade
No Nanobots Saving The Day, But It Was Meatastic Anyway
Mostly Fresh And Only Somewhat Stale
Date Night With Blind Pilot & The Teacher Too
Being Busy Doing Nothing Is Not Better Than Just Doing Nothing
Found Something Broken? No Problem, Hike It
The Trek of 10,000 Trees
Hot August Hikes Up Mountains
Now It's On!
Sort Of Fresh Cascade Cycling Goodness
A Bunch Of Cyclists and A Bunch Of Photographers - The Prologue
You Can't Have Class Without A Classic Bend T-Shirt
After A Couple Of Years Off, The Monkey Wagon Rolled Once Again
Quick, Recap It While It's Still Fresh
Sex & The City 2 - Revenge Is Best Served With Dry Heat
It's All About The Cousins - Part Two
LOST & Found
All Dried Up
Go East Little Monkey, Where There Are Big Meals Aplenty - Part 3
Go East Little Monkey, Where There Are Good Burgers And Shakes - Part 2
Go East Little Monkey, Where There Are Cows Aplenty - Part 1
The Bouncer Incident: The P-Word Gets Results
The Local Dog Has Been Pooping In My Yard
A Lack Of Sleep Can Lead To Interesting Things
Date Night And The Day After
Vincent, This Tasty Burger Must Be Tasted
How Did I Almost Forgot The Mention The Pizza Trifecta Last Week
Upgrade, Downgrade, Turn To The Left, Turn To The Right, I Don't Care As Long As She Goes To Martha Stewart Tonight
A Long Wait For An Epic Post Or Just A Long Wait
It's All About The Cousins
Twenty Ten, The Year We Make Contractual Agreements
Getting A Decade Out Of All Of That Decadence
The Mighty Have Arrived With Much Love For The Robots, For Now...
The Expiration Date Has Not Been Reached Quite Yet
Ten 2009 Albums Worthy of Your iTunes Gift Cards
Thanks Bend for a Truly Nightmare Inducing X-MAS Parade
The New Rules Of Cell Phone Use Demystified
25 Days Of A November Christmas
Watch Out For Kids With Banjos
The Roots - Part 2, It Was Meatastic!
The Square Root of 1225
It Was A Bit Warmer Back In July
The Upgrade, The Old Model, And The Fear Of Change
Three, Two, .... Eighteen.
More Words Than War & Peace, Easily
Right Pedal, Left Pedal, Rinse And Repeat.
Who Dialed In The Fog, Mist And That Wet Stuff People Call Rain?
Two or Three Things I Know About Her
It's All About The Details
Now That I'm Fed, I Can Recount Some Stories Of Recent Events
North To The Future With Velveteen Rabbits And An Alligator Man
Consistent Inconsistence And How It Rivals Consistence
My, How Dreams Change - Part 2
We Were Lying There On A Blanket By The Stairs
The Recap Of All Things That Happen In Parade And Coffee Cups
So That Was June
#700 Because You Can Only Write About Roundabouts For So Long
The Teacher and The Architect Sitting In A Tree
Failure Was Not An Option
Cycling Shorts Aren't Made For This Weather
Hey, There's A Mouse In My House
Some Things Are Worth The Wait, This MIght Not Be One Of Them, Or Maybe It Really Is
10 Week Countdown
I'm Sorry You Don't Know Where Your Pants Are, But I Do
It Always Comes Back To Chicken & Waffles
The Teacher & The Architect Present The Sites
These Days You Never Know If It's Dan Deacon Or Swine Flu
Save The Date On Top Of The Sheets
Los Campesinos & Sky Larkin in Portland
And We Exhale, And We Roll Our Eyes, And We Do These Things In Unison
The Man In The Rabbit Suit Wasn't Around In 1933
Foolish April
A Frakkin Great Spring Break With PVC Pipe, Butte's And Photo Shoots
Summer Movies Are The Best
So, I'm Dating An Ex-Cuban Cigar Smuggler
When He Played Chess Against A Computer And She Was Feeling Footloose
VD Cheapskates Who Like 80's Music REJOICE!
It's Time To Come Clean, My Blog Used Steriods In 2004
Great, Now Bikers Can Run Stop Signs
Everything I Learned About Love Came From 80's Pop Music
Almost Time For Something Good
The End Of The Asterisk
Winter Everywhere - Part 3
Winter Everywhere - Part 2
Winter Everywhere: The Recap Part 1
Quick, It's Almost Over
Two Extremes
Goodbye Once Again
The Chasers Couldn't Get Into The RSL, But The Monkey Did
A Good Hamburger At Last
Even Camels Have Rain Outs
The Mecca Of All Things Big Downunder
It All Came Full Circle Today As I Listened To A Men At Work Song On The Radio Downunder
Big Big Big Country
Day Two In Yeppoon
No Roost, No Roo, No Worries
Mary Poppins and Merry Christmas All Around
A Sunshine Smile On The Sunshine Coast
Roos And Koalas And Emus Too
Disorientation Dingoes & Slot Machines
Thanksgiving At 30,000 Feet And Black Friday Up Early Looking At A Big Red Rock
It's Beginning To Look A Lot LIke Christmas, In Sydney
Day Two In Sydney, Walk Walk Walk
Going Down Under Makes For A Very Long Day
Thursday Shopping
He Was What He Was, And She Was Sort Of Neurotic About It
The Numbers Game
A Penny In Your Pocket Might Be Worthless, But Having Some Change Is Never A Bad Thing
From the Surreal to the Real
Counting Down, Why, Because These Days Everything Is Down
See Saw Rationality
Holdem' For Habitat World Series 2008
South To The Past: Parts 3 and 4
South To The Past: Parts 1 and 2
Maul Free And A Quandary
North To The Future, Or Getting Ready For The Land Of Hot Rods And Hairy Beasts
Playing Through The Pain
Mercury In Retrograde
Lunch At 10,358 Feet
Changing Light Bulbs
Needing Something More During Your Post Olympic Blues?
Fleet Foxes Brought The Harmonizing, Wilco Brought The Lawncore
Wedding Gifts and Bed Bath & Beyond
So, This Is Summer?
Thoughts That Go Through My Head As I Watch The Olympics
When Lightning Strikes
My, How Dreams Change
What Happens In Vegas, Happened In Vegas
Hoodlums On Cycles, $4 Snowcones, And A Band That Claims To Be Your Daddy
Not Chuck Norris
Independents Day
He Was Most Profoundly Skeptical
Trix Are For Kids And Fruit Loops Are For The Birds
Game On, My Tour de France Moment On The Colorado Bridge
I'm An Architect Series : Part 6
The Happening and The Movening
How Do You Like Those Tomatoes?
I'm An Architect Series: Part 5
Full Of Hot Air, With Your Head In The Clouds
Does The Conversation Always Have To Involve The Weather?
For Something Slightly Different, But Still Just As Classy
Controversy And Big Ass Fans
I'm An Architect Series: Part 4
The Breeders, The National and Modest Mouse Delighted As Well
Mates Of State, The Decemberists & Death Cab For Cutie Delight
Wash Away May 23rd
Now For Something Completely Similar
I'm An Architect Series: Part 3
Walk It Off Part Deux
This Has Nothing To Do With Sex & The City
I'm An Architect Series: Part 2
Spring Is In The Air, And Frost Is In My Hair
I'm An Architect Series - Part 1
Day One Begins
What Day Is It? Friday? Wrong!
How Many Bruises Does It Take To Have A Good Night?
Boy, Am I A Slacker
Frank & I
Patience, Whether It's With Photos Or Poker Is A Good Thing
Back In The Saddle Again
Walk It Off / Missing Person Report
#9 And The Jens Lekman Experience
Modest Mouse Has Been In Bend Twice . . . . . On Paper
If You Want The Local News Then Get Out Of Town
It's Official, The Worst Job In Bend Confirmed
Zoikes Scooby Doo, It's Freaky Deaky Friday
Is It Spring Yet? (Or Reasons To Think About Getting Fat)
Dare Accepted: Thou Chest Is Harrier
The Other Side Of Take Out Is Mildew On Rice
Smarts In Politics
Before It's Too Late
Christmas Came Early, She Said Yes
The Gift The Keeps On Giving
No Way To Escape
A Day Wiser
Smokey Flavored Pizza From Dominos?
Day 100
Day 99: Breaking News - One Day To Go
Day 98: Boo
Day 95: Now It's Getting Cold
Day 90: Clear Skies And No Frost On My Nose
Day 87: Time To Keep Going
Wamboozled By A 12-Year-Old Poker Phenom!
Tourney Time At Jake's
Why Ask Why, When You Can Ask What?
The Last Two Days Down Under
Rainy Sydney and The Building Everyone Knows
Down Under, Down To Where It's Green
Time To Saddle Up The Camels And Ramble
Oh No, Call The Doctor
Out Bush, Out To Dinner & Out And About
BBQ Madness Is Always A Good Thing
Subtle Differences Down Under
Is It the Weekend Already?
Slight Delays And Such
One Week In
Departure Minus Zero Days
Pedal Power In Downtown Bend: Friday's Downtown Twilight Criterium Photos
A Good Day For Watching Flying Objects
Summers Of Reruns Used To Suck
Rejoice: The Monkey Wagon Rides Again!
Jail Bait
The Importance Of T-Shirts
Roundabout Analysis: A Tale Of Two Roundabouts
The Most Efficient Form Of Forward Movement
Only Seven Months Until Christmas
Pancakes And Quagmires
Random Thoughts About Random Things
Not Exactly A Dog Lover
Giving In To The Madness
Wheels A Spinnin'
iPods: The Love / Hate Relationship
Creme Egg Overdoses
Truly Mysterious Stories And General Confusion
Kristi Miller Kicks Ass, Literally
Are You Going To Finish That?
Yes, Indeed My Feet Stick Out At Night
The Finer Moments In Life Are Brought To You By A Cup Of Tea And A Cookie
A Shorter Weekend (Blah Boo Hiss)
All In Moments
Simply Amazingly Perfect
Neglected, Indeed
Concerning 33 Or Perhaps Groundhogs Day
Fresher Than The Expiration Date On Your New Carton Of Milk
Something Or Someone For Everyone
Serving Sizes And The Man's Oppression Against Free Will
In Hiding? Perhaps, And Maybe I Should Stay There
Sometimes We're Sad, Sometimes We're Happy, & Sometimes We're Full Of Noodles
That Fresh And New Feeling
25 Bananas In My Stocking
24: I'm Santa Claus, And Today Is The Longest Day Of My Life
It's The 23rd! Time For A Festivus For The Rest Of Us!
Booze It Up Twenty Two Times
Twenty-One Ways To Shoot Your Eye Out
Scrub Your Mouth With Soap 20 Times Charlie Brown
Last Day For Christmas Orders Is December 19th!
Eighteen Can Be Painful
Seventeen Gingerbread Cookies A-running
Sixteen Chia Pets A-returning
Why Is That Present Under The Tree Moving?
The Fourteenth Day Of Christmas Made Me Thirsty
Thirteen Christmas Sweaters A-knitting
Time To Bang My Own Drum
This Entry Blows, Eleven Times
Oh! Those Leaping Lords
Tractors, Golf Carts, Llamas, Christian Boris and Roller Derby Girls
Milky Goodness
Seven Swans A-swimming
Five Golden Rings
10, 9, 8, 7...Four!
Three Three Three
Number Two As In Turtle Doves
First In A Series Of Twenty Five
So, That Was November?
The Fabulous Beyond All Other Gifting Spectacular Super Sale Day Draws Near
Time For The Obligatory Snow Scoop
Thirty Two
Time, Better Ways To Spend It, Or Waste It
The Horror... The Horror...
Pedaling Power And Perseverance
Little Italy And Me, It Rhymes With 23
Sunflowers And Sofa Beds
Yes Virginia, It's Not Summer Anymore
So, John Waters Was In Bend
Only In America Part 5
This Might Be Dangerous To Those Who Suffer From Peanut Allergies
What Is This World Coming To?
Flex The Fingers And Crack The Knuckles
Sometimes The Mountain Goats Say It Best
No More Shoes, No More News, No More Blues
Results: The Real Best Of Bend 2006
Continuing The Story
Sadness Everywhere, Sadness Rules The World
3-Day Weekend: Desert Island Disc Edition
Wonder Wheel Legs Of Power Don't Fail Me Now
Windows Vista: Which Edition Are You Or What's Your Sign?
I Don't Love It
Best Of Bend 2006 Part Deux, Or 20 Questions, Or Vote Early And Vote Often
Gone Upgradin'
The Frugal Gourmet Wasn't Frugal Enough For This
Better Blogs Through Buttons
The CD Release Party Of All CD Release Parties
The End Is Not Yet Here
Only In America Part 4
A Day Late, But A Dollar Richer
By My Calculations 16 Years Ago, I Should Have Been Retired By Now
Two Outta Three Ain't Bad, But Sleeping In The Summer Sucks Worse Than A Meatloaf Song Sung Out Of Tune
Weekend Update With Mr. Melted Monkey
When Banana Bread Attacks, Run Away, Run Away
Hey Mermaids, Do Candles Burn Underwater?
2006 Cascade Cycling Classic Photos And More
Smells Like Polyester, Tastes Like Chicken
Smart Relief For Your Pain
Stupid Or Blind
If There's A Day To Get Brainfreeze, Today Is That Day
A Movie Script Ending
A Momentary Lapse Of Tacos
THAT Flying Dog, Again, And The Search For Birdman
I'd Buy That For Dollar
The Square Root Of 529
145 Months Ago An Important Question Was Asked
Life During Wartime
Oh, Here We Are
A Life Of Possibilities
Jimmy Hoffa Isn't As Important As Deli Potato Salad
Slow Down World, Damn You, Slow Down
Just A Test (Or Becoming Part Of The Solution Part Two)
Twenty Six
For Love Or Money
2 + 2 = 5
It's A Blessing And A Curse
Would You Like Some Chips?
Into The Wind
Do You Realize...
Freak Out Friday Fun
Only Seven Months Until Christmas
Counting Back From Ten
The DC Wrap Up
Crabby Cakes and Tour Buses
$3 A Gallon Gas, $5 Cheese And Politicians At 35,000 Feet
Learn Something Everyday
Grand Taco Larceny
2 To The 3
Atlast Something To Write About
Invasion 1836, or Divine Invasion?
Technology: It's A Love Hate Sort Of Thing
I Don't Save Room For Desert
I've Got A Secret
March Madness
Getting Real, Keeping It Real, And General Real Stuff
Shoes Too Tight
Sick With A Cold, Random Stuff, Etc...
Fun Around Downtown Bend In About Three Weeks
the monkey report - disneyland trip
All Work And No Play Makes Monkeyinabox A Dull Boy
Someone's Pockets Are Getting Fat
Deja Vu: The Bulletin & You
The Transcendent Triple Whopper Tale
Getting Things Done And The Myths Of Multitasking
Failing To Plan, Is Planning To Fail
Representin' Valentines
#400 Part 8: For Those Utterlybored
#400 Part 7: For Those Utterlybored
#400 Part 6: For Those Utterlybored
#400 Part 5: For Those Utterlybored
#400 Part 4: For Those Utterlybored
#400 Part 3: For Those Utterlybored
#400 Part 2: For Those Utterlybored
#400 Part 1: For Those Utterlybored
Big Monkey Is Watching You
Got Your 61" Plasma TV For The Big Game Yet?
Score One For Wal-Mart
You Can't Win The Lottery If You Don't Buy The Ticket
Here's Part Of The Solution To The 10,000 Roundabout Problem
In The Year Twenty-Thirty
The Cheesy-Cheese Loving Bandit: From Cheesenips to Velveeta In A Jar
It's A Mystery: Cheesy Crimes Or Cheesy Criminals?
Now One For The Brew Site
Friday The Fun 13th
Here's A Review You Won't See On Bend Oregon Restaurants
2006: Similar Alley, Different Rats
The Best Of 2005, Well, The Best Of This Site In 2005
Only 363 Days Until Christmas
Sick/Suck Ho/Hum Nip/Tuck
I Hate Mass Produced Holiday Popcorn Tins
Merry Chri...err..Happy Hol...err...HAPPY FREAKIN' FESTIVUS
My Podcast Has Bird-Flu
Christmas Comes Early To Sisters Oregon
Monkey Claus: The Trifecta, Almost, So Close
The Nightmare After Turkey Day That Never Happened
Time For Turkey(s)
It's Not Easy Being A Wizard
Extremely Ebullient Expressions
Road Trip Highlight : Gas For $2.21 A Gallon
I Design, You Pay: That's How It's Supposed To Be
Better Than You Think
11,323 Days or 496 Candles So Far
Cream Cheese, It's Not Just For Bagels Anymore
Concerning Witches
750 Miles Of Commuting Differently
Who Took A Cookie From The Cookie Jar? DeWolf Took A Cookie From The Cookie Jar
Dresscode Schmesscode (Or If I don't Get To Wear My Bling, I'm Going To Freak Out)
The Wolf Knows Playoff Baseball
Living Phat, Or Just Living Fatter?
Life Is Hard, Especially For NBA Players
On A Mission From God
Vote For Pedro
A Mishmash Of Mish And Mash
Let The Bacchanalia Begin
Paul Davidson And Donald Trump's Fantasy Apprentice
Extravagance And Ostentation
Getting Back Up Again
A New Volcano In Oregon, Donald Trump & Paris Hilton
Many Bends In The Road To Utopia
Is There Any Way Possible My Jose Canseco Rookie Card Could Lose Any More Value
Don't Bring Me Down
There's A Chill In The Air...
Bastard Coated Bastards With Bastard Filling
Things I Know
Lowered Expectations
Sometimes You Just Have To Jump
Sex Sells, But It Has Nothing To Do With This Entry
Pepsi Day At The Fair Sucked
Drop It Like It's Hot And Run Like Hell
Let's End On A Hot Note
Damn Technology! Damn! Damn! Damn!
Death And Creation
Time For Fun Friday
Pit Bulls Are Murderers
Cascade Cycling Classic Photos
Speed Of Light
It's A Dangerous World Out There
Dogs With Balloons, Llamas On A Leash, & Monkeys In Wagons
The Real Question Of The Day
Free Ice Cream, Free Movie & Cheap Weight Loss. Wow, Life Is Good
Podcasts Part 2
Shut Up, Be Happy
Sweet Goodness Metal Crunchiness
Today's Words Of Wisdom From Carl Everett
Not In A Blue Moon
Don't Go Around Breaking Young Girls Hearts
How Much Will Gas Have To Cost To Get People To Change?
Diving In
All The News That's Not Fit To Print
Camping In The Forest, Go You Will
The End, Something New And Something Blue
The First Million Is Always The Hardest
You Better Have AFLAC! For Those Pesky Lightsaber Wounds
Do Terrorists Wear Boxers Or Briefs?
All It Took Was An Old-Fashioned Phone Call To Reach Paris HIlton
Just A Frapping Good Time
Megatron Rejuvenate!
The Day After Too Many Margaritas Isn't Always Much Fun
555: Sign Of The Taco
Turn Off The TV....I Don't Think So!
Someone's Been Chewing On My Pens
And So It Begins
Gas Prices, Damn 'Em To Hell
Paris Hilton Everywhere!
Invasion: Wal-Mart SUUUUUPER Center
So Far Gone Running On Empty
Road Trip: Spring Break Edition
When Primates Go Bad
O'Ray For The Roids
299 Came Before This One
Worst Of The Best In Bend
Does Anyone Really Like Business Card CDs?
Every Hundred Years The Black Mamba Bites Again And You Vote For Pedro
Don't Get It?
As Real As It Gets, I Guess
Yeah, Oh Baby, Have You Got Those Suuuuunday Blues?
It's Not Always Just About Design
Not Bored With Board, Games That Is
You In Oh You Out
Happy Pancake Day, But I Ate A Donut Instead
Here's A Tip For Ya
The Simple Life: Giving A Bad Name To Interns Everywhere
The Field Of Architecture Loses A True Hero
Duty Free Days Aren't Always The Best
Wil Wheaton And Me
Hey Spammers, Take That!
That Wal-Mart Price Without The Wal-Mart Experience
How Could A Free Lunch And Doing An Easy Repair On A Windows XP PRO Laptop Make For A Bad Day?
A Good Day In Cupertino
2005 Word To Your Mutha
The Month That Went Too Fast
BH Goes To A Freak. Critters Buggin Comes To Bend
Common Sense Isn't That Common, Or How A Hawk Named Pale Male Needs Legal Representation
Whore Is A No-No, But Prostitute, Hooker, And Call Girl Are A-OK
Pottery Barn Watch Your Back
It's A Gift And A Curse
Even The Street Thugs Are Yuppies Here
You're Going Down In The Double Round, Okay?
Battlestar Galactica Redux
Tales Of The Soda Pop Junkie
A Slice And A Soda Is Not Enough For Me
National Buttkicking Association
Furious Fingers Of Dialing Fury
Christmas Comes Early, Well Not To Me
Put A Call Out To The 5-oh's: Stolen Car Alert
The Kobe Transcripts
Serious Delirium
It's Over
It's Official, The Monkey Projects That The Next President Of The United States Is...
I Did It In The Closet Naked
If Marcellus Wallace Was President
Stuff You Don't Expect To Happen
Worldly Series
Negative Campaign Ads Aren't Negative Enough For Me
Game Seven
None For You, None For Me
Long Talkers
Email Schmemail
We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Post For The Red Robin Update
Politically Speaking
Is It That Time Again?
This Presidentin' Thang Is Hard
Just Plain WARED Out
Andy Rooney Says Don't Vote If You Are Stupid
Sweet Dreams
The More You Spend, The More You Save!
Who's LINE Is It Anyway?
I'm All In
Jenga For a Million Dollars? That's For Wimps
Holy Crap! I Figured Out A Way To Increase Youth Voting
Episode IV: The Condiment Wars
Things You Learned In School That You Don't Need To Know Now That You've Got A Job
This Monkey's Gone To Heaven
A Bush Lovin' Good Time
Next Time I'll Read The Damn Map
And The Gold Medal Goes To.....
Today's Episode Of: You Make The Call!
How Come People Who Buy At Garage Sales Have Nicer Cars Than I Do?
Okay, That Was A Letdown
The Packrat Effect
From The Mundane To The Useless To The Extremely Useful
2004 Deschutes County Fair Photography Entries
Because You Can't Drink Hot Coffee Through A Straw
Ye Old Presidential Beer Debates
Could An Ad Agency Sell Their Soul To You? Maybe They Already Have
Wish It Away Into The Cornfield
Monkey Slowly Crawls Back Up From The Lowly Pit Of Dispair In Hopes That The Sun Will Be Shining Today
Week Of The Living Dead
Betting Ends!
My Izzle Has Fizzled
Ain't That Cute
It's Almost Showtime Baby!
Let's Not Recall The 80's So Fondly
Really? Stuff That's Either A Bad Idea, A Crazy Idea, Or Something You'd Never Think Would Happen
What Can I Get For $3?
A Week Without Coffee And Four Days Of Girl Scouts
I Am Such A Whore For Free Stuff
Is Life Really Simple?
Detroit Beats Lakers In 5 Straight Proving, Well, I Don't Know What It Proves
Like Winning The Lottery
In Perspective
Is Technology Really Making Life Better?
Biggus Dickus And Les Triplets de Belleville
And I Should Remember You Because?
I Read It For The Articles
#200 - How To Turn A 3-Day Weekend Into 4+ Days
More Fun For Everyone..Oh Wait, Nevermind
And Now For Something Completely Different
And The Finger Goes To...
The Cure For Cancer?
Truly Inside The Box
Beating Your Own Drum
And This Proves What?
Dog Gone It!
The Search For Donuts Of Mass Destruction
The Day After What Could Have Been, But Wasn't Because Of Previous Engagements
Suck Up Enough And You'll Make It To The Top
Free Cake For Everyone
Friday Calling, Anyone Home?
If I Can't Solve My Own Problems, Does Anyone Know The Number For The A-Team?
Okay, This Isn't Getting Any Better
Cloned Pussy Cats Are Not As Cute As You Think
How I Turned Into A Religious Fanatic Overnight
Putting The Broad In Broadband
Sick On Your Birthday
A Case Of The Mondays, Or Does It All Just Suck?
Bloody Satisfaction, Yes It Was
A Messy Desk Is The Sign Of Genius
White Stuff
A Tiny Phone In Your Hand Makes All The Difference
Wonder Leg Powers Activate
Daylight Saving Time Kicked My Ass
Email Management Begins With Smile
Solutions To Turnover, Oh Wait Make That Dirty Underwear Instead
I Want An Answer Now!
Nothing Is More Motivating Than The Last Minute
Learning Japanese Isn't The Hardest Thing In Life
Déjà vu Redo
Time For A Change
Pill Popping Fiend
It Was A Tasty Burger
Busy Week
Hot n Heavy
This Was Really A Test
It's Better Than Being In A Cave With A Flashlight
At The Movies
Hot Or Not
There's A Little Triumph In All Of Us
There Is Such A Thing As A Free Lunch
Back To What Really Matters
Just For You Brad
So Was It A Gellin Like Magellan Week For You?
Media Whores On Parade
Is This Really The Best We Can Do
Metal Nipple Covers Are All The Rage These Days
Wish The Last Post Into The Cornfield
Fool Me Once: Shame On You, Fool Me Twice...
Relatively Speaking
Didn't Have A Headache Until I Got To Work
Eat The Salad, Pay For Music & Movies...Yeah Right
And Your Point Is?
Stuck On Sticky Floors
In The Year 3000
Year Of The Monkey
Now Wait Jus' One Minizle
MENSA Should Be Afraid
Bad Day For A Wet T-Shirt Contest
A Wintery Mix
Bye Bye 2003
When It Snows It Really Snows
Get What You Really Want At Christmas
Ho Ho Humbuged!!!
A Poker Face Can Be Your Best Friend
It's A Good Thing Gandalf Didn't Ask Paris To Take The Ring
Get Out Before It Blows
Obsolete Even Before It Starts, Just Ask Microsoft
Bearded Men Beware
A Simple Life For Simple Minds
Three Day Weekend And How I Punk'd The Parade
Monkeys With Red Hats
The Well Traveled Donut
Oogle That Google
Pilot Can At The Queer Of God
You Gotta Get Up Early In Order To Suck
Ignorance Is Bliss
One Month Until Christmas!
It's All The Rage These Days
Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmmm...
The Stupid, The Dumb and The Beautiful
Paris Hilton Gone Wild
The Oracle Likes Candy - Not Microsoft Bullshit
With A Little Help You Can Feel Good About Yourself!
The Week Of The Living Dead
They Fought The Theater And The Theater Won.
A Hattori Hanzo Sharp Post
Well That Blows
The Day After And The Day Before
Heroes & Villians
Let It Snow
Class Is In Session
Has It Been A Week Already?
The Monkey Is NOT Dead! Munchi Kawfi Lives! Is Not Your Friend
Is It Real Or...?
Opps, I Sat On It Again
Shoot!!! Quick Before Anyone Else Copies Everybody Else
Searching For People? Try Matmos First
Better Set The Clock Early
I Dare You, Say What One More...
Sue Me, Yes You Will
Duckman Has Cometh
Now For Something Completely Different
Oh, Mama Mia!
Bring Out The Dead
Yes Is the Answer
To Bike or Not To Bike, That Is the Question.
Money Talks, Automated Listening Sucks
I Shot a Man in Brooklyn, Just to Watch Him Die
Blogger Gets Better!
MC Hammer Was Just Too Nice of a Guy
Common Sense in America
Holy Theatrical Theatrics Batman!
If You Don't Want It, Why Should I?
Too Many Cooks in the Stupidity Kitchen
Captain monkeyinabox
3-Day Weekends Really Help
The Unknown
A Commonsensical Approach to Being a Redneck
How Post-it Notes Ruined My Life
One Week
The Two Sides of Mr. Burns
Only in America
I Love It When a Plan Comes Together
What a Difference a Week Makes
When a Computer Being Down is Good!
Are You Ready TV Viewers?
..Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Move
News Flash: Domain Spammers REALLY Suck
A Happy Penguin? Not Here.
A Sigh of Relief...oh wait!
But It's a Dry Heat
Dumber and Dumberer and Dumbererer
I Never Thought It Would Happen
Lance Would Be Proud
Republican Party Politics
Is it Summer Yet?
Wait a Second....
Maybe Some Tequila Would Help
Oh, the Irony!
Just Flip It Over
The Ship Has Landed
Like a Ship On the Ocean
MMmmmmmm Blogger REDUX
Messy Desk? Naw.....
When a Copy is not a Copy
Is Tuesday Really Any Better?
Holy Manic Monday Batman!
Speak Up!
Practice Makes Perfect, Errr...
It's a West-Coast Sort of Thing
It's Tuesday
Going To See The.... NOPE!
The Grill Is Mine!
I'm Putting My Skills To Use
Hectic, Crazy and All Together Mad!
A Rental Is Better Than Nothing
Don't Mess With THIS Bicyclist!
Shake It Up!
Pass It Around!
The Daily Present
Stop The Presses!
Options or No Options?
I have NOT seen this movie
Morpheus Hates Me
He's Dead Jim! (almost)
Bad Day To Come To Work With A Headache
Buring The Candle At Both Ends
Office Furniture
Get Down Off That Box!
Exit Stage Left
Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs
MMmmmmmm Blogger I LOVE YOU
Shoot Me Already
Fashionably Trendy
Take a Picture
Don't Tell Me What to Do!
To My Dearest Wife
Thinking about the move
Spam, spam and more spam
Room without a view
Mmmmm Donuts!
Stories From The Checkout Line
Ouch! My Head
A Beginning