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A Beginning


Ahhhhh.... a fresh start in a new site. Well, this is sort of the trial run and getting this going. The domain I really want is waiting to expire. Yeah, I probably shouldn't hold my breath, but damn it, I don't want an .org or .net if I don't have to. and to add to that, the domain I want was registered by a domain spammer who set up a lame-o-rama site that has no real point, so hopefully, they will realize that no one will pay them up the wazzu for the domain name. Hell, I'd before I did that. So, I can use this site to tweak the page design, format, coding, etc... All the juicy stuff. I guess that way if I decide to get the real site and actually pay to have it hosted I'll have my content all lined up. Hell, that's what you tell clients to do, right? The biggest problem for me is always settling on a design or theme for myself. I'm just too picky at that. I think I'll just pick something and do the zeldman redesign when something better comes up. Then I can tell all of my readers reader, RELOAD, RELOAD, RELOAD!!!!
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