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Ouch! My Head


Alright, what gives? Oh wait, I know. MIGRAINE! damn! damn! damn! Well, atleast that is what I am thinking. It's the mystery of whether it has to do with my contacts or my head. Something isn't working right. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. Sinus pressure that kills and blurry vision that sometimes is okay and other times I fell dizzy. Yesterday morning was one of those days. I figured it probably had to do with not enough sleep and less caffeine during the weekend than I normally consume during the work week. After a hit of some Advil and 3 cups of coffee my head felt better. By late evening I felt great. If only my work day started at midnight. That leads into the cycle of staying up later than I should because, I can actually focus and do some creative projects that are stopped by head pain and blurry vision. Today my allergies kick in. damn! damn! damn! The idea of adding daily Migraine and allergy medicine to my diet is exactly something I look forward to. Yes, I've looked briefly at reducing Migrain symptoms through your diet. I probably should look a little harder and read this book .

Is it just me, or is Ask Jeeves about as relevant to internet searches as the McLean Deluxe is to eating healthy? I mean, when was the last time you really searched for some on Jeeves? Yahoo was the original search engine that actually had useful results. These days I don't hesitate for a second about using Google. It's the current badass of search engines and everyone knows it. So, when I see stuff like this from any other search engine than Google I think, WHY?
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