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Stories From The Checkout Line


Save your receipt for convienent returns

The express line is for 9 items or less, please have your check ready. Pretty simple rules, but, NO! people don't seem to understand them. Maybe there is implied logic that I possess that the average human does not. I take the 9 item statement to mean 9 items PERIOD. 3 lemons in a bag is not 3, but one thing to have rung up. Okay, there's the first ground rule that people joke about. What about 4 boxes of Hamburger Helper? I see that as 4 items, however it is possibly to have one scanned with the quantity 4 key entered first. This is the trivial stuff. Having 3 separate orders with 5 items each is not okay. I'm not sure how that qualifies as 9 or less to you, but to me, it means you've cheated on the item limit, plus your delaying everyone with having 3 separate payment transactions. And speaking of payment transactions, having your check ready should be summed down to have your damn payment ready. If you plan of paying with exact change, decide on that before hand and not after you plunk down the $20 bill and proclaim, "Wait, I think I have the change", and then dig for minutes looking for pennies, but instead pulling lint and paper clips out of your pocket. And What's with people paying with wadded up or wet money. What?, you don't have pockets, a wallet, a purse, or whatever that stays dry? What are you a stripper at the local "girls" bar and this is your dancing money that was stuffed down your g-string. How flattering.
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