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Room without a view


It really vanished quite some time ago, but today it hit a new level. Let me start at the beginning. My office building that I work in is located in a very scenic part of Bend, Oregon. We have mountain views, forests and wildlife right outside us. For the last 4 years that i have worked here the adjacent lot has been empty. It was covered with lush manzanita bushes, juniper and pine trees and the mountain range could be seen past the trees. On a daily basis I could looks outside my window and see quail, a rabbit and deer. In fact I've seen a mother deer practically give birth outside. Pretty amazing stuff for your workplace. Every good thing comes to and end, right? Well, the irony is OUR new building is being built on this lot. Did we outgrow our current building? No. Are we building something better? Not really. Are we moving to a better location? Well, does 30 feet away count? It's more of a situation of building for the sake of building and developing the so-called business park we are in. So with progress comes the chain saws and bulldozers. Goodbye trees! Goodbye manzanita bushes! The deer came through the construction site and looked confused. Concrete formwork doesn't taste as good as the local flora did I bet. I'm sure the head contractor is having rabbit stew right now as I type. Outside my window I now have a view of a scraped site and a concrete trash enclosure that was just poured today. Sure, i will only have this view for about three more months, but after we move I will have none. My new office has no windows.
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