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Thinking about the move


While the office move is still far away, well 2 1/2 months away, I'm starting to think about the process more and more. Dooce probably had me thinking more about this today. The main reason is a couple of weeks ago, someone asked if we are going to have anyone move us. The answer was "No". When I asked if we were going to close for a day to move, the answer was "Probably not". We are a 9 person office with a lot of stuff. Stuff means binders filled with product literature, physical material samples, books, files, files and more files, computers, printers (and when I say printers I mean serious Xerox stuff - I'm not sure it will fit out the door). Being the unofficial IT staff, I am having throughts of this being done on some future weekend. WOW! Does that sound like fun or what? The good news is the new building will be wired, so in theory once the stuff is setup, just plugging it in should bring the LAN up pretty quick. It's the taking apart and hauling over part that doesn't sound fun. Let me add that we have all CRT monitors and the typical size is 19" that weighs about 75 pounds. The thought of moving all this stuff is not a fun thought. I'm quickly trying to find everything in the office that I deem "not worth moving" and throwing it out. I think anyone moving does that in the process. It's amazing how much junk we accumulate in our lives. I don't want to carry any of that when we move.

Spam no more! Atleast in Eudora atleast. Mailwasher has been installed and is working nicely so far. I love the feeling of being able to bounce the spammers. I'm not sure if it will really help reduce spam, but it's faster than downloading the messages and then having to weed through all the junk.

Apple released iTunes 4 yesterday along with some new iPods. Damn! I want one of these! I just need to win the lottery. Too bad I don't buy tickets. Damn! Apple's new music service doesn't really impress me that much. Somehow buying music online doesn't excite me. The whole P2P move over the last few years sure has cut into my CD shopping, but damn, I used to love to make the weekly Tuesday morning journey to the local music store to check out the new releases. Fresh music, fresh from the box. Ahhhhh. Opening that damn sticker from the side (that proved you had a legit CD). Popping the CD in my player and checking out how long it was. Playing it while looking through the liner notes. It's an experience that downloaded music will never have, so it's hard for me to get excited about paying for that.
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