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The Bare Midriff

I came across this photo that was taken at a recent Apple Store's iPod event. I guess that I might not be the all-knowing master of fashion, but how did this become an acceptable outfit for women to wear? In the picture, the woman seems to be looking at the photographer (not me) and sending subliminal messages of, "How dare you take my picture!". Obviously, this is nothing new in fashion. I remember I Dream of Jeannie quite well. Now, what I don't remember is anyone dressing like her on the street. I'm sure that would seem inappropriate, so save it for the Prom. What about "casual dress day" at the office? Johanna Battista found out the hard it might not be a good idea. Should she have been told that it wouldn't be okay to wear an outift displaying a "bare midriff" in the office? Doesn't common sense come into play at some point? How can any woman not understand that sexually exploiting yourself is just as bad as someone else doing it?
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