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I have an evil plan...mooo ha ha ha

I came across this awesome site this morning. What a cool idea of being able to make customized signs and then print them right out. I'm thinking about what eveil message I should make and stick in my car windows. Wait a sec. That's about as good of an idea as putting a baby on board sign in my car. Well atleast I can come up with more interesting phrases. I think I'll atleast print one for the window near my front door at home with "Warning: White Trash Zone Ahead". It wouldn't be permanent, but for right now it would work. See I am currently doing some repair work on my clothes dryer, because dammit with the internet I can do anything! I was debating about calling a repair man since the dryer starting howling like banshee. I got used to it (sort of) and let it go a bit. Last week the dryer added a extreme grinding sound. Kinda like a garbage disposal. This I could not ignore. I went looking for parts and besides finding parts for sale, I found schematic diagrams on how to assemble the entire dryer. Armed with this knowledge, I knew it could be done. Last night I took the whole thing apart in search of the noise causing part. It took a while to do the work, but I got there and knew what needed to be replaced. I found a local store that carried the part and it is now waiting to be put back together. Until then, it sits in the living room. I guess that's a step better than on the front lawn.
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