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This is the week one of Hollywood's big sequels comes out, The Matrix Reloaded. I think this review sums up my fears a bit. When I went into The Matirx I had no expectations and new little about the story. The special effects and action was top notch and blew me away, but what really got to me was the story. The idea that life as we know it was an illusion, and that you could either ignore the truth, or fight against it. "I know this steak isn't real, but it sure tastes good". Brilliant! What an amazing concept. Sure, I've seen similar a similar plot in Star Trek episodes, but The Matrix put it in relation to my life in current times. That's what I got from the first movie. What irritated me most, was people who didn't get any of that from it, but only "The Matrix has cool fight scenes". Am I surprised many people didn't "get it"? Not really, I guess. The problem was that The Matrix got big, REAL BIG. I didn't even see a need to have a sequel to the movie and I wonder if the writers did either. However, in the age of "since we can't come up with original creative thoughts, use something that worked before" mentality, The Matrix Reloaded and Redux projects were launched. I have a hard time not seeing a similar fate for The Matrix series as what happened with the Terminator movies. The story can only go so far, but the action and special effects can keep moving forward. Based on this, I can't imagine that I won't be somewhat disappointed in The Matrix Reloaded. 100 Agent Smiths should still be fun to see. I guess I'm trying to prepare myself for the lack of depth and the surplus of eye candy.

Continuing on the reloaded theme, one of my free-lance website projects is coming back to life for new design work and content updates. I feel slightly like George Lucas with my use of Cascading Style Sheets and his use of special effects on the Star Wars movies. "I didn't have all the tools necessary to provide the desired results the first time, but now I do and I can accomplish what I want". Well, somethings like that atleast. This project will kick into high-gear shortly and that will mean less important projects, like development for this site will be on hold until I free up more time.
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