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Buring The Candle At Both Ends


Burn Baby Burn!

While I feel that this is generally true on any normal week, I'm going to feel the burn this week. A "weekend" typically means working 10 hours for me. This week I started it off with 16. One fun note however was Friday was out of the office and on the road to visit OMSI. It was part of a school field trip for the little one. Of course being one of the so called people in charge for a bunch of 1st graders doesn't mean relaxing trip to the science museum. I think I spent more time watching kids run off that looking at exhibits. The best one however was the submarine tour. I had never been in a submarine before, so it was a treat. It was an older one, so I'm very curious to see something newer now, but the beast I did get to tour was tight. I am a tall dude and if I had to work on one of these subs I'd go insane! I guess insane will be my word of the week. We'll see how long it takes for my architectural design project and website design project to push me over the edge. Damn, that candle wax stings!
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