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Bad Day To Come To Work With A Headache


Wacko Jacko

This was another one of those days where I wake up with a headache. Yeah, I've been procrastinating going to the doctor to see what's up yet. It hasn't been too bad overall, but every now and then it gets bad. I figured this morning was this morning was probably due to not enough sleep or food or maybe both! However, I found it was going to be worse once I got to work. I already knew I had an intense project to make a push on to get some drawings out the door. The big surprise of the day was on the building next door being built. They discovered that the concrete sidewalk they poured near the entry, and not-surprisingly enough closest to my office window, was not draining properly. Out comes the concrete cutting saw and jackhammer. Let's just say that 5 hours of the stuff is close enough to drive you completely mental. Somehow 2 Advils were still able to take care of the headache. As I look out the window it looks as if the jackhammering is almost done. THANK GOD!!!!!

Today in my surfing around time (not much today), I found this cool font project called I-Beam. I'm not quite sure if I can participate in this, but I'll probably try anyway. The concept behind this is great. Come up with a new way of looking at your keyboard. Sure, it won't be really very functional or anything, but it was definately be a great creative venture. As I look at my keyboard I see that it is getting closer to the blank templates. My 'E' key is totally worn off. 'A' comes up second, and 'S' is third. 'C' and 'N' are pretty close up next. I guess the good news is my delete and backspace keys are nice and sharp. I must not be making too many mistakes and I sure have some profound insight on good letters for Wheel Of Fortune.
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