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I have NOT seen this movie


I have not seen the MATRIX?!?!?!

A long weekend.......working! Well, between work and work around the house, the weekend didn't feel very long. I guess I did get to catch up on some very needed sleep. I did find enough time to squeeze in watching Adaptation on DVD. I remember wanting to go see that in the theater, but it left a couple days after I decided that, so I'm probably behind most people on this movie. I felt like it took 2 viewings to really understand what was going on, or atleast what I think was going on. A very good flick.

Speaking of a good flick I still have not seen... The Matrix Reloaded. I will see it, but for right now, I'm still trying to avoid the mass flood of Matrix this or Matrix that on websites, tv, etc... However, today I was unable to escape the Matrix. I was meeting with a contractor on one of our construction projects. He asks me, "Do you like movies?". "Sure", I reply, thinking "Oh crap he's going to mention...". "Have you seen the Matrix"... "Not yet"... "It's good". I hadn't guessed that yet.
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