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Options or No Options?


Options for your convience

This week begins the annual event in our community known as Commute Options Week. Did I start riding my bike because of this? No. The office I'm in started participating in this event four years ago. Every year I get a new t-shirt. While, I'm someone who has more t-shirts than I have days to wear them, I always appreciate a free t-shirt that looks good and promotes something I like. I feel good wearing my "Commute Options t-shirt" to Costco and giving evil glances to all the SUV driving folk. While I don't bike to Costco, I do drive a car that atleast gets sensible gas milage. Okay, getting back to the Commute Options Week participation in my office, it's kinda funny. One co-worker rides all the time anyway. He doesn't ride more or less because of this event. He participates in commute options all the time. That's how it should be. Another co-worker rides like hell during commute options week, brags about it, and then only rides every now and then during the summer. Some participation is better than none, I guess, but it's hard to take the "Look at me!, I'm the saviour of helping the planet" attitude of the one-week only participants. The best thing I heard this morning was from the die-hard bike all the time co-worker who said, "I should have driven my car, there's no place to park my bike this week".

Speaking of options. Web browers have always given you plenty of options. I remeber Apple's Cyberdog and keep thinking what a lame name for a browser. Kinda like "Webgrandma", or the "Taking It Nice and Slow Browser". However, the choice of Browsers hasn't been quite as abundant as that list. Back in the day, it was Mosiac and eventually Netscape. When Internet Explorer was first released it sucked ass, big time. Eventually around version 3, Microsoft figured it out and released something worth using. Was it really better than Netscape at the time? Nope. That's when all the dirty Microsoft browser integration began. Blah, blah, everyone knows the story. Eventually Microsoft had to pay AOL/Time Warner money from the trial and AOL could now use Netscape as it's default AOL browser. This breathed new life into Netscape as well as the Mozilla Project. While Internet Explorer still had the user-share dominance, Mozilla had a better browser and things were looking good again for non-MS browsers. Then, this happened. Digging deeper reveals that Microsoft struck a deal with AOL again to once again use Internet Explorer with AOL for the next 7 years. Since AOL owns Netscape, how can they continue to support a browser they won't be using? Microsoft also states that they will no longer release stand-alone versions of Internet Explorer. If you want a new version, you'll have to wait for the next upgrade of Windows, or be a MSN subscriber. This news doesn't sound good at all. Sure you'll have browser options: how would you like to pay Microsoft, Visa or Mastercard?
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