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Today was a birthday lunch for one of my fellow co-workers. We got to goto a nice local brew-pub establishment. Being a nice sunny June day we got to eat outside even. Not a bad deal. The food was good and we even had the option of ordering beer. I didn't get one, mainly due to the fact that beer makes me sleepy and so does sitting in the warm sun. Our current office building is cold and when I mean cold, I mean for the last 5 years I keep thinking, "Boy it's been a cold summer". I wear long sleeve shirts and pants during the summer. During the winter it's another story, being too hot. So, today I was wearing warm clothes and sitting in the sun with a beer didn't sound like a good plan. After our main course the usual birthday desert question comes up. Usually, everyone is full enough not to want desert. However, a few birthday lunches ago, someone got the idea of ordering a few deserts with a bunch of forks and spoons and play the "take a bite and pass it around game". It's pretty interesting. It's also kind of funny that we just don't pass the spoon around too, since everyone always gets atleast 4 bites of everything. Today it was cobbler with ice cream, a fudge brownie with ice cream and a piece of cheesecake. It's an interesting way to get to taste everything and not feel like a glutton. Today I suggested we start doing that with the main courses. Mark my word, it will happen.
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