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Finally, I've found a website that actually debates something important in the universe: the salt and peppa debate. I've been more of a pepper person in the last decade of my life. Probably, due to the fact that I like spicy food. I do like salt, but just a little, but I really like pepper. I like it so much that I actually have a parmesan cheese holder that I've filled with hearty ground pepper. I like big holes on my pepper shakers. Good pepper is not finely ground like salt, therefore it needs as many holes as possible to escape the shaker. Maybe this is why I go nuts at home when I grab for pepper and end up with salt, if I'm not using my mega pepper shaker. I always have to think, "pepper, less holes, pepper, less holes". It never works and I grab salt. Since you can't really see salt as well as pepper I usually pour too much out before I realize what I've done. I used to wonder why there just can't be a consensus on the holes for salt and pepper, then I saw this website page about the rules. So, what I want to not correct according to this and it also seems to say "pepper is not as course as salt". This was not written by someone who likes pepper!
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