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Don't Mess With THIS Bicyclist!


Secrets that every mountain biker should know

Every year since I've started doing the "ride my bike to work" during the summer months, I've armed myself more and more every year for the jerks in cars that don't give bicyclists respect. The first year year I really did nothing mut mutter profanity when a car would turn in front of me or drive to close or even worse HONK! Since then I've added the "Angry Shaking Fist of Death" as well as carrying a pen and my cell phone, so that if anyone really messes with me, I'll get their plate number and call the cops on them. Mwahhhh!! Haaaa!! Haaaa!! This year I will be adding ninja attack skills to my arsenal. Am I a ninja? No. Do I possess any martial arts skills? No. DO I have any special ninja knowledge? Soon I will! Yes, thanks to the good folks who run pixelsurgeon I won a copy of this book. Now the simple "Angry Shaking Fist of Death" will become the "Angry Shaking NINJA Fist of Death". The only thing I need to figure out now is how to get a ninja outfit that doesn't get caught in my chainring.
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