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Hectic, Crazy and All Together Mad!


Hectic is the word of the day around here

That's the feeling around the office lately. The new building next door is the main reason for this. It's really coming down to the wire for them to have it done for the tenants. I know tomorrow is supposed to be the completion date, so it really will be interesting to see if tomorrow means in the morning, afternoon or 11:59pm. It's hard to say exactly when the tenants are planning on moving in. Maybe Friday, or the weekend. Our space got a door recently. Since our lights are still holding up everything in our space, they put our door on, mainly to block the hole to our office. What's interesting about the work being completed now, is typically in construction there is a "punch list" after the work is done by the builders. This is where the owners, architects and head contractor go through and look for mistakes or stuff that isn't completed. Basically it's a final check to make sure what you wanted to have built, got built. I'm not sure how that process will work when the job isn't even done and the tenants might move in before the punch list can be done. Should prove interesting.
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