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It's Tuesday


Look I have a heart!

I'm not sure why Tuesday is fun. It does mean "twin spins" on the radio and I guess that sometimes brings better music at work. It's also the night I get to set out the garbage. Exciting, I know, but somehow it feels good to try to get rid of a bunch of trash every week. I feel like life has enough chaos, so I like to try and atleast clean up a little every week. I haven't been doing this as much as I should be at work. Since our new office space has been delayed, I should have been taking advantage of throwing away junk I don't want to have to move. I guess It's not too late to get working on that. The tenants next door moved in yesterday. Their office space wasn't 100% done yet, but they had the moving semi-truck packed up and departed with the knowledge they would be able to start moving stuff in Yesterday. From what I know, their whole company is relocating, so it will be interesting to see if the people who work there are small-town friendly or not.

I've gotten back to work on my website project. At stage 2, as I call it, I'm mainly adding a lot of calendar based content. I haven't totally reworked the navigational interface yet, since I plan on doing that when I give the site a bit of a face lift. I'm trying to make a push once again, since the calendar is more time sensitive than the face lift for the site. I'm starting to also get ready for a redesign of the website for work. It's a huge daunting task right now, since the site is starting to look dated and fall apart in newer browsers. Iit was designed back in 1998 and it looks like it with frames, tables, font tags and all the nice goodies. Multiple frames are used just for the presentation aspect of the site. There's no reason to even have them. I could redesign the site with tables easy enough to match the look with actually better results. However, as someone who likes to be thought of as a good designer, I know better. Basically I'm going to have to scrap the entire site and start fresh with some nice fresh and lean CSS. Our office has a intranet page as well (that I did) that isn't quite as bad. It uses frames (which I think is okay since it makes the navigation a lot easier to use and nobody has to bookmark sections of the small site) and the text formatting is not as clean as it could be. I'd rather move stuff over to CSS before it gets really dated. Just like everything in life, there's never enough free time, so I better get started now.
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