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Look Out Below!

Call it living in the Pacific Northwest, but things here are always more "out-doorsy" here. People fish, boat, hike, camp, and generally love nature. The big irony is that all of these nature people also drive big-ass SUVs. When I mean big-ass, I'm talking about the Toyota 4-Runners or Ford Explorers, I'm talking Suburbans, Expeditions, and Hummers. The bigger the better. All of the upper-class folks who can't seem to be parted with a Mercedes, BMW, or Lexus are also all covered now. Of course they aren't ass big as a Hummer, but it's still an SUV. I came across this site a few days ago. I think it would be great to print out the poster or buy the t-shirt, but having one of those here would be a like a black man going to a KKK meeting. Seriously! It's to the point that I hat edriving around here in my God-forbid, small car. Why? Because I know I'll get evil looks from gas station attendants when I only have to pay $25 to fill the tank? No, because I know if I ever get in an accident, my car will be run completely over by one of these SUVs. This is no surprise. Andy Rooney had a great segment on this. When one of these big-ass SUVs is next to me, I have a better chance of looking under it than over it. They take move than their fair share of parking spaces. Maybe I'm missing something about what makes them so great. For now I can't think of them being anything more than an ego statement. I Just hope I don't get run-over by one while I'm riding my bike either.
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