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Holy Manic Monday Batman!


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It's Monday and damn I can sure feel it. Nothing like knowing you're going to be busy, but then having extra work piled on top. It started with our office getting a summer intern to help out around here doing mostly clerical work. Usually this sort of thing means set up a new email account and user account on the reception desk computer. No big deal there. The big deal came when I was asked if I could show her how to enter data on the project cost database. A couple of years ago this would have been great. The database was built and being served to our intranet through Coldfusion Express. It was a pretty slick setup, that took about a month to get going, since I knew nothing about Coldfusion to begin with. Eventually that Windows server was crashing far too often. I was either go with a Windows based server software package, or go with Linux. For the size and budget of our office Linux was a nice choice. Coldfusion (Aldaire actually) was bought out by Macromedia and the express version was scrapped during the ColdfusionMX release. No one was actually even updating the database. And after the server transition no one even mentioned the database, that is until today. Also today I realized that the Coldfusion files, which I figured had no more use on the Linux server (since I knew we wouldn't be buying ColdfusionMX for the server) were tossed. No big deal really. However, I realized the database file go tossed as well. Crap! I remembered having it backed up on another drive. Oh wait, I formatted that drive when another one died. Crap. I had the damn files backed up for a year and half and a few months after I toss them, they are needed again. Oh well the database wasn't that thorough, so it can be re-entered. However, now I have to come up with a new database solution on the Linux server. MySQL looks like a good option at this point. Now I just have to find a way to learn the damn thing ASAP when I'm already full of projects. On top of that I get a call from a not very close friend wanting to do an addition to thier house. These types of projects are bad. They usually come from someone who knows you can do the work and they assume because you are a friend you can do it for cheap. I could smell it from amile away and with my current 55 hour weeks, adding more to that is not what I want. I should have just said, "Sure I'll do it for half price of the firm I work at. Let's see $5 a square foot." when I know they're thinking $50-$100 total. It's a good thing I turned it down, my Batsenses were working well today!
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