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Is Tuesday Really Any Better?


Oh Joy!  It's Tuesday

Yesterday proved to be a truly epic day. I didn't sleep quite enough Sunday night, going to be around midnight and waking up several times before I had to officially get up at 6:00am. The last package (I thought) of my needed computer upgrade supplies arrived in the mail over the weekend, so I had planned to start the upgrade process later in the evening after dinner. I headed back to work after a hearty dinner. It was close to 9:00pm when I got started. The plan was pretty simple. Update bios. Install new processor, cpu fan and RAM. I had already downloaded the bios update from the manufacturers website. I had the instructions all printed out. I needed a Windows 2000 disk. For some reason when formatting the disk in drive A: didn't give me a bootable disk, I made the mistake of actually looking for an answer on Microsoft's website. I stumbled across a "knowledge base" (who's knowledge I'll never know) about doing this manually by copying some files to the formatted disk. When I rebooted to the disk it didn't work and Windows 2000 Pro takes long enough to make coffee and drink all of your coffee while it boots up (thank God it never crashes) so I had to wait a while to see what went wrong. I probably only wasted 45 minutes going through this a few times before I just thought "Hell, I'll use a Windows 98 boot disk". It worked. Now I got to try the bios flash program and save my current bios and update the old one. Saving the current one was easy. However, when I got to upgrading the bios the program wasn't jiving with what it was supposed to say. Crap! I knew enough that updating the bios is not something to take lightly. One screw up and your computer won't boot. I knew that the program was picky about booting into DOS, so I went through the restart option and try again a few times. No go. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Finally I went looking for some more info from rogue websites on updating the bios. I found enough info to learn about using an older version of the bios flash updater program. Now, why the motherboard manufacturer didn't mention this is beyond me. I downloaded an older version and it worked on the first try. Bios updated cleanly. Wow, I had only spent 2 hours trying to do what i thought would take 10 minutes. The next step involved replacing the cpu and fan. The cpu was behind the power supply, but that was easy enough to remove. The cpu switch was a piece of cake. Not like the good ol' days of actually having to pry the chip out. RAM went in easy too. The new cpu fan I had was massive. When I mean massive, I mean I think I might pick up another to cool my house this summer. Being massive, was not a great thing since my case was pretty tight. I fiddled with the fan and decided that it would fit. However, I quickly lost some motivation when I noticed the socket accepted a two-prong clip and my new fan had a three-latch clip. The processor socket had some extra junk on it, so the extra prongs on the fan wouldn't fit. For some reason I thought a slight "mod" to the fan clip would do the trick. I had some pliers and I wanted to finish the damn job. It was now past 12:00am and knowing I had to get up in 6 hours was not looking good. The "mod" didn't go very well and I still was unable to hook up the new fan. I decided to use the existing one (since it wasn't too bad). I put the computer back together and booted up. The processor worked fine, but the RAM was only showing 1/2 of what the upgrade was supposed to be (128mb instead of seeing the full 256mb). It was too late to deal with this, so I headed home.

Today, I figured out the motherboard wouldn't support the new RAM. Damn. I pulled it out and off goes the $220 worth of RAM (1.5gb altogether) back to with a 15% restocking fee. I reorder the correct RAM to support the older motherboards today. It costs $420 for the same amount of RAM. Isn't that nice, more money for older technology. I'm not sure what to do with the fans. I guess I should have those sent back. I've got 5 more new ones and 1 that I've assualted with a pair of piers (probably can't return that one). When you go through a semi major upgrade on a computer you sure see how the industry wants you to buy a new machine every time rather than upgrading anything beyond RAM.

My body is paying me back today for last night's upgrade fun. I felt a bit exhausted on my bike ride this morning. To make things even worse we have dinner guests coming over tonight. I need to rush home and help make dinner, when all I really like doing is going to sleep. I could use a powernap but I probably don't even have time for a nano-nap. I want to feel terrific tonight and not dead asleep. Atleast after dinner I get to reward myself by taking out the garbage. Hooray for Tuesday!
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