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When a Copy is not a Copy


100 copies please

"Our new office is currently being Sheetrocked" our office manager says.

"Argh...." I groan.

To the layperson the term Sheetrock is often used to describe the process of putting on a surface of wallboard that attaches to framing and then is usually textured and painted. The thing that irks me about this is Sheetrock is a brand name. Architects know to use the generic term "Gypsum Board" or "Drywall". Usually the installers of the stuff are known as "Drywallers" and not "Gyp. Boarders", so those two terms describe the same stuff generally. Is this really an issue? Sure it is. I remember having a professor talk to us about this specific issue. I also remember having a basic college class called "Library Skills 101" or something like that. It was before the internet was in a full force, so it was pretty old-scholl by todays standards. The teacher used to work for Xerox. She made a big point of not letting us every refer to a copy machine as a Xerox if it was not an actual Xerox machine. You couldn't use the term "Xerox this please" if it wasn't on a Xerox machine. The truth is when those brand names are used when the product is not used, is actually pretty power brand name recognition. I'm sure the companies probably don't mind the free advertising, unless it someone calling for a repair man because "the Xerox machine is broke" when it's not a Xerox.
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