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Messy Desk? Naw.....


Don't call it a mess, call it creative genius!

Messy desk, messy desk. Sure I have a messy desk at work. Why? Because I have way too much stuff to keep track of. Design projects, office manuals, computer manuals, files, and lots of hardware. Oh yeah, there's a bunch of desktop toys. For the last five years I've always had these little rubber pigs sitting on top of my monitor. They are called "lucky pigs", so I've given some away to people as they leave the office as a good luck send off. I also have this bendable Blizzard man from Dairy Queen. I've affixed a "Intel Inside" sticker to his chest as well because, atleast to me, it's funny. I've got a stuffed Dilbert head that when you drop it, he says stuff like "Get out of my cubicle". I don't have a cubicle, but it's still funny. There's another stuffed pig, actually a "Babe" toy from a McDonalds happy meal. I have another bendy toy of Blazers basketball player Bonzi Wells. I have a golden plastic guitar that I make him hold. Another one of those "because it's funny things". There's also a bobble-head Donkey Kong statue from Nintendo. I think this came with a Gameboy purchase. All of these items are sitting on top of my computer case. On my desk I have a Curious George toy (I think from a Happy Meal) of him on a ball that rolls and wobbles. I've got a couple of stuffed monkeys hiding around my monitor as well. There's also a bunch of computer stores schwag, mostly from, such as the tension relief squeeze ball, a bunch of slinkys. There's a large red Magic 8-ball from CDW, which is funny because it has all sorts of answers to typical IT questions like, "did you hit the right key". Why mention all this stuff? I read this Metropolis article about designers desks. Do I draw inspiration from my items? I'm not sure, but it sure keeps the desk messy and interesting.

I saw this Google Toolbar 2.0 was released today. This looks like an interesting too, especially since it ads some features that Internet Explorer 6 is lacking, which is the browser I use daily on my PC at work.

Apple just opened a new store in Chicago and I have to say, it's a pretty fine looking computer retail store.

The National Do Not Call List is now online. Pretty nice and easy to sign up. Too bad I have to wait until October for it to start working. I'll jump for joy the day is up and running.

Want a big steak? That is a big steak. I think I could eat it though. Last night we had steak at home. I ate a nice big one. I'm not sure how big, but it was probably about 24 ounces. I long way from the big 72 ouncer, but I wasn't even stuffed when I was done. I remembered reading what the cook said, "eat the side dishes first". I did that last night and maybe it makes a big difference. A local hamburger joint has a 32 ounce burger. Maybe I'll have to tackle that first and then go for a 72 ounce steak.

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