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Oh, the Irony!


My mission is to not let you see this movie

It finally was happening. Yes, something I have put off far too long. Going to see The Matrix Reloaded in an effort to free myself from the title as "the last person on the face of the Earth not to see the movie". The plan was set, it was in motion, the time had been checked. We arrived at the theater around 9:35 for our 9:50 showing. Wait a sec.... No Matrix anything on the signs. Oh crap. The line was sort of long. We decided on an alternate movie choice, Finding Nemo. Of course as the line moved foward the decision changed to Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. When we reached the counter, I asked "Is the Matrix gone?". "Yeah, it's at the other theater," is the reply I get. "Okay, two for Terminator," I reply. No Matrix tonight. Oh, the horror of it. The horror.
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