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Build it the way I design it!

After recently seeing some brand new movies, I got a chance to go back and watch some old-school Gary Cooper last night, in The Fountainhead. This movie deals with an architect in the 50's who is more cutting edge than his contemporaries and has a lot of problems because everyone wants him to conform his designs with popular choice. He simply wanted people to "build his buildings as he designed them". This movie is probably not as shocking today with architects such as Frank Gehry pumping out buildings that aren't very "normal" to the average person as it was back in the 50's. Overall it's still a good flick that really has a lot of talking. I probably thought this movie would have been nice to have our office watch before we moved foward with the design for our new building. Our new building is hardly anything daring or bold, which is sad for an architecture office. It fits in with the existing buildings in our area and looks no more modern than stuff built 10 years ago. What a bummer.
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