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Is it Summer Yet?


Betting ENDS!!!!

No, not yet.


Getting warmer.

Devil woman in red panties. Now it's summer and just when you thought network television had no where to move but up, here comes the newest offering from FOX called Banzai!. I sort of applaud the attempt at mocking Japanese game show humor, but Banzai came off very fake to me. The events are interesting and of course every person watching is going to be get pulled in when they talk about attaching balloons to a chicken. Who hasn't wondered about being lifted in the air by balloons ever since Curious George was lifted away by a bunch? Hell, I was even thinking about trying the same experiment on my 23lb cat (bet it would have been more than 120 balloons). The part that let me down was the competitions between people name "Tom" and "Larry". Why go to the trouble to make everything seem so Japanese and then put very American people into all the competitions? If I watch again, I think I'll get on the internet next time. There's only so much pleasure you can get from yelling "A" "A" "A" to your wife and being right.

Boy, I sure wish I could run Moveable Type on here.
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