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The push is on again. Holly cow. Well, the design project at work I'm on is in full speed ahead. The last week hasn't helped either with dinners to attend, extra art projects, and computer upgrade hell. The good news is within a week I should be able to slow down and possibly relax.

One thing that takes down the stress level is my daily bike ride to work. This week I slacked off a bit with a dentist appointment and other stuff that made me drive a couple days this week. Overall, the last two months have been good. I usually get in about 35 miles a week. Sure, I'm not ready for the Tour De France but I'm in much better shape than I was three months ago. Lately i've noticed with the abundance of local forest fires and regular allergy issues, my nose is stuffed up quite a bit. When I ride I need to do combo breathing through my nose and mouth. One thing that I know for sure is riding a bike with your mouth open is not a good thing. I've learned to take quick breathes and shut it as fast as possible. On the occasion when I'm not fast enough I've had a little bug go in my mouth. When you're going about 20 mph, it's not pleasant and since I'm not on Survivor with immunity at stake, I try to spit the damn thing out as fast as possible. I don't care if it's nutritous or tastes like pumpkin pie, a bug in the mouth is nasty.
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