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I Never Thought It Would Happen


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I thought hell would freeze over before the day came when I actually wanted to see a movie with Adam Sandler in it. Really. I also, thought the Cubs would win the World Series before he made a movie that was actually good. Well, the World Series isn't here yet (the Cubs still have a chance) and it's going to be 104 tomorrow, so I don't think hell is frozen over, even though I don't really live in hell, so it means one thing. I saw a movie with Adam Sandler that was good! Over the weekend the DVD rental of choice turned out to be Punch Drunk Love.

Roger Ebert says it best:

There is a new Adam Sandler on view in Punch-Drunk Love--angry, sad, desperate. In voice and mannerisms he is the same childlike, love-starved Adam Sandler we've seen in a series of dim comedies, but this film, by seeing him in a new light, encourages us to look again at those films. Given a director and a screenplay that sees through the Sandler persona, that understands it as the disguise of a suffering outsider, Sandler reveals depths and tones we may have suspected but couldn't bring into focus.

I had heard that this film was very different from the usuall drab Sandler is in. I really didn't believe it, but after seeing it, this has to be a keeper. And after seeing this, I know who the Hulk really is: Barry Egan. A mild-mannered, but very odd guy, who has 7 sisters from hell on his case all the time pushing him farther and farther. "Remember when we would call you gayboy" they taunt him again and again. He's in such a low position that he turns to a phone sex line just to talk about his problems. He sure finds out fast that was a bad idea. Overall the only thing that does go well for Barry Egan is the woman he meets and falls in love with. The rest of his like is basically one big mess after another, and damn it's an interesting mess.

Talking about messes, there's nothing more fun than when your work computer desides to mess with you. Well, I'm not sure, but for some reason the house project I'm on a work decided to lose a couple of hours of my work on a drawing file from Friday. Of course it will the drawing sheet that had the most complicated changes. There's always the joke at work that "doing it the second time is always easier". Sure.
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