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News Flash: Domain Spammers REALLY Suck


Would you like a can of Spam?

First up, who would really like to wear a pair of these sandals to the beach? Brad? or anyone?

Man, domain spammers piss me off. I was watching at this expired domain that I was interested in. I saw it had expired and had it in their unpaid accounts department. I emailed them ans asked about it. They wrote back and said something along the lines of, "It will be released to the general public within 30 days or so". I kept a daily watch on it to see when it would be available. On Monday the whois query gave different results. It looked like the domain was going to be free of the unpaid accounts department. However, today i checked and it was registered. Dang, I missed out, but I wondered how. I checked the domain and it led to these jerks. Now they are holding it hostage. Atleast I didn't make a bet that I'd get it. Bastards.

Ain't this a hummerdinger.

I can't believe Lorenna Bobbit is #10 on this list. However for techies, cutting out your wang might not be enough.
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