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Looking Down on YOU!!!!

As I type this, the new office furniture is being unloaded off the delivery truck. It's going to be some swanky stuff from Steelcase. I'm pretty excited because it sounds like we are getting nice stuff. Furniture systems are usually more expensive than built-in cabinets. The downside is with a custom built desk, you can pretty much design it to exactly what you want. I really don't know what desk system I will have, so that worries me a little bit. Atleast it's not Wal-Mart off the shelf stuff.

Recently I was reading how IBM is creating a new search system that's like "Google on steriods" called Web Fountain.

Web Fountain "goes out on the Net, crawls around and reads text. It reads the text, understands the text and will tell you what's in the text."

Sounds like AI to me. Hasn't The Matrix and Terminator shown us the bad sides of AI? Be afraid, be very afraid.
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