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The Two Sides of Mr. Burns



Steve Burns was the green-striped shirt wearing host of the Nick Jr. show Blues Clues for 6 years. For a television show, that's a long enough time for an actor to be branded by that show for life. Being branded to a kids show has to be even harder. However, there a point when Mr. Burns decided to leave and move on in his life and not because he died of a herion overdose. The show didn't let this change happen suddenly, in fact transitioning the move to a new host over the period of a year and even making a movie about Joe, the new host. This was the break away point for Steve. Or was it?

Steve wanted to get back into music. His friend Paul Ford of F-Train helped him get his website together. When I first saw the site I could tell Steve was doing a 180 on his career. However, he would not be the only TV star putting out a CD. Usually the results are pretty ...oh how should I say it... shitty. Well, his CD Songs For Dust Mites finally came out. I heard a little about it and that The Flaming Lips were part of the project. Given that the Lips have put out some pretty amazing stuff lately, I was more interested in the CD than if they hadn't been. The results are good. Granted that a professional music studio can probably help out anyone a bit, the music here is solid. It's also nice to see that Steve didn't put out anything to cater to his real fan base. That's a gutsy move, but it's a good one. He could seriously have a fan base of both young children watching Blues Clues reruns and college students and adults listening to his music. No small task.
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