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Get Down Bro!

For all of my life, I have never had any sort of sideburns with my hair. However, during the last few years hair after hair from the top of my head seems to be abducted by space aliens and is never returned. This pattern of disappearance seems to be increasing too. For quite some time I haven't come to a conclusion as what to do. I did accept my fate that hair would not be in my future, but good hair fashion sense needed to be. This couldn't happen. This didn't seem like a good option either. I really had no idea of what to do until I saw the movie Talk To Her last year. One of the actors in the film was Dario Grandinetti and he seemed to have a similar hair situation as me, but his looked good to me and the wife concurred.

I started to look at some photos of this style and noticed that I was lacking one major aspect of that style: sideburns.

So I set out to acquire some. Okay, so you don't aquire these, but I have never really played with growing facial hair of any sort, so the experiment began. I knew what I wanted and what I didn't want. They started kinda short in length. After they got a bit thicker, I realized that and trimmed them short to add some length. I did this another time as well. Now they are pretty long, just past the bottom of my ears. They are looking pretty good, but not quite perfect yet. I don't think the wife is used to them quite yet, and shouts out "whoa sideburns" every now and then. The next stage is to get my hair much shorter. For some reason this is a phobia for me. I think that if I shave it or cut it short, nothing will come back. It might happen, but probably not the case. Either way I haven't taken the shaver to the head quite yet. I mean, what could really go wrong?
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