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One Week


BNL in the house

In one week we finally move into our new office. It will be like a flash mob and then back to normal. Looking at our current office you would hardly think we are going to move. Nothing is really packed, with the exception of a few items that have been carried over to the new building. This is going to be an interesting move since it is so close. Of course with 13 computer systems, printers, copiers, and more binders full of product specs than you can shake a stick at, no distance will be short enough.

Tomorrow is the birthday for our office manager. She is the wife of the boss as well. She is great at always giving all of us a nice birthday treat either in the office with juice and pastries or going out to eat at someplace nice. There's always a nice present too. She knows how to treat us good. For her, it's the opposite. We are a bunch of forgetful thugs (as it appears). We almost forgot about her birthday this year (just like every year), until it was printed out on the bosses Palm Pilot schedule. Not a good thing. Some last minute planning that will make us look less like the Cretans we are.
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