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A Commonsensical Approach to Being a Redneck


Yeah, You're a Redneck

Yesterday I came home to find the Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD playing. Call me a cynical bastard if you like, but I don't find "Redneck" comedy very funny. The comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White and Larry The Cable Guy are all very "southern" and infact too southern for my taste. Granted it is more "family friendly" than most comedy shows, I think if you like this, you might be a redneck.

If that wasn't enough excitement for me, we also had President George W Bush paying our city a visit, mainly to check out the forest fires and do some other political mumble jumble. If seeing Marine 1 fly overhead turns your crank, than this would be for you. The general public, as always with the President, is not allowed to get very close. Of course wherever he goes, there are always protestors. In our case the local news reported about 50 protestors with signs. Considering this is not a large metropolitan area, that's an impressive group. Of course it's not like those people were close enough to the President for him to probably even know they were there. However, those allowed there to listen to him speak would clap at just about anything. I know hearing the phrase "we need to make the fires burn less hot", would get more of a "HUhhhhh??" than an applause from me.

As any webmaster knows, getting your site listed in Google is a no-brainer. I've also noticed a trend of blogs getting pretty good placement in search results. That often causes one to wonder if blogs spam google results? The short answer appears to be no. However, I tend to disagree with that. Okay maybe on some searches blogs don't show up in the results, or maybe in many searches they don't. Ever since I got this site listed in Google, I've played around with searching. If I search with the phrase "monkeyinabox" I get a better rank than Does that make sense? Maybe, since my pages will always display the term "monkeyinabox" more frequently than the dot-com site and a monkey actually appears on my site. Sounds fair to me. I had more interest in the subject when I got my usual Atomz Search email that shows what people searched for on this site. The term "Paris Hilton Makeup Tips" showed up. Why in the world would anyone visiting this site be looking for makeup tips, let alone makeup tips from Paris Hilton? Then it hits me. I previously made a comment about her one time and it could be possible for someone to have this site show up in Google results for Paris Hilton. Is that really likely? I'm not sure, but it does make me wonder if you setup a blog called "Ford Motor Company Sucks" or something and wrote about Ford a lot if you could mess up search expressions for Ford in Google. Hijacking Google results could be easier to do than you think.
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