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I Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

The move is finally complete. Well, maybe there is still an abundance of stuff to sort out and put away, or throw away, but for the most part we are settled into the new building. Of course on all construction projects there are always problems and hangups. My last post covered most of those and by now they are all mostly fixed and we are up and running. The move just didn't effect me at work, because there was an abundance of old office furniture that I acquired, but it meant having to move it all this weekend and get it into my garage, which was no small task. I also began the process of trying to clean up the very full and messy garage. I made the big mistake of starting this Saturday morning. To get the new tables and bookshelves into my garage, I had to take a lot of stuff out and put it on the driveway. As it happened someone else in the neighborhood was having a garage sale. Of course my house was in the line of sight when driving into my street. This caused many people to drive by my house very S-L-O-W-L-Y staring at my big mess on the driveway. Of course I had a van parked in the driveway trying to block to view as best as possible, but that didn't stop many people from thinking my unorganized mess was a sale. We had a few people get out of their cars and walk up. I had to say "The garage sale is over on that street, I'm just cleaning". Most people were nice about it, but we had one lady, who got out of her car, walked up and sat down in our of my recently acquired office chairs and simply state, "One dollar".

Last Friday, the boss' family came up to get some furniture as well. They had first dibs, which seemed fair to me. The biggest bonus was they drove her from the only city in Oregon that blessed with a Krispy Kreme donut shop. Now, I'm sure in most of the country having Krispy Kreme donuts is part of your everyday life, especially if your pants feel a little tight. For Oregon, we recently had a shop open up. People camped outside for days in advance to be the ones to get the first batch of donuts out of the oven, cooker, or whatever they use to make them. They only time I have had Krispy Kreme donuts where I live is when they are physically driven here for a special event or by friends. A local convenience store is getting some this Friday (most likely for a fund raiser) at $10 a dozen. The same store also has regular unleaded gasoline at $1.99 a gallon, which happens to be the typical price around here right now. I spent yesterday trying to decide which was more of a rip off, but with the price of gas at $1.99 a gallon and the closest Krispy Kreme donut shop ~150 miles away, the donuts are the sounding like not a bad deal afterall.
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