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GODZILLA!!!!  Oh wait, it's the RIAA coming.  SHIT!!!!

It's time to put on the political hat. First up is the RIAA who seems only know how to piss people off. Atleast it's getting easier to fight back and know which artists you should boycott and how to see what artists are a part of the RIAA. The RIAA is hurting too and is going to fight back soon. Users are not backing down though. The media is going to ride this all the way to the bank though. NBC's Law & Order is going to have a show this fall that is just about these issues. No murder, no rape, no grand larceny and gosh darn it Lars Ulrich is going to be a part of all the fun!

Bush in 2004. heh heh.

There was actually a point where I was hoping we'd get these chairs but now I'm not .

No offense, but wouldn't your assbegone if you spent less time on the computer writing your blog?

This is just cool.

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