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MC Hammer Was Just Too Nice of a Guy


Godfather of Soul and MC Broke

Last night I checked out VH-1 and watched Hip-Hop Babylon. It was interesting enough to me, since I listened to quite a bit of rap music from 1985 to about 1994. Once the G-Style trend started I really had a hard time listening to most of the music out there. But going back to the show, it was interesting to see some of the stories they told. The disappointing part was how they glossed over a lot of the quality artists such as Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Ice-T, NWA, Too-Short, Above The Law, DJ Quik, etc... It was more focused on giving a very brief taste of the past and relating to acts now. I guess since most of the audience to the show are probably into the newer stuff this is fine. I just hate to think someone today thinks 50 Cent, Jay-Z, DMX, or Enimem are anything groundbreaking.

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