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Summer came back to us here. It actually felt warm outside this morning on my bike ride to work. With my weakness for the car lately, this is a good thing. I still need to replace my broken spoke before I hurt my wheel anymore.

For a while now, whenever I want to put something, like a printed form, on a website I use a PDF file. If something is going to be printed out, a PDF is the best thing since sliced bread. I mean everyone on the planet (well almost everyone) has Acrobat Reader installed and usually double-clicking on the PDF file will open Acrobat Reader. Piece of cake and the results look just like how you want them to look. This works great at work too when I need to send someone a CAD drawing and they don't have the software to view the native files. A PDF version works just great. Recently I've started to read some negative press on PDFs. We don't use Autocad at work, but I've noticed they sure are against PDFs while the software we use, Datacad promotes PDF export as a good feature. I agree that they can be misused as Jakob Nielsen writes. However, I still believe they do more good than bad.

I'm still trying to motivate myself to start the rewrite of my office's website. I didn't make the initial mess and let's say it was ugly HTML code back in 1998 when it was written. Now it is really ugly code. Reading this motivates me a bit more. Time to Just DO it.

Boy, and I thought the alumni association from my college was greedy, be glad you're not Chris Webber.

Our new office building continues to get the finishing touches. Also the punch list items are being worked on slowly. Our frog green kitchen floor made of marmoleum seems to have a moisture problem, so it's all going to be scraped up and redone. Maybe it could be orange this time! Okay, probably not.

The RIAA prank and page 2 is just what we need. I wish everyone would do this. Things are out of hand when they sued a 12-year old girl for downloading music.

Looks like Microsoft is up to evil tricks again. Big surprise, right?

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