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Oh, Mama Mia!


It's almost too good to be true!

Some days are better than others. Yesterday was one of those days that started out rough and went downhill. The peak of the fun was the kitchen sink getting clogged up and the garbage disposal falling into pieces as I worked on one fix. I had been putting of replacing the aging disposal, but yesterday when the hose connections fell off, I had no choice, but to run out to Sears at get this model. Luckily as I ran into the store five minutes before closing time they still had the model in stock and on sale for $99.99. I had been eyeing the model for a while and the price would change weekly. So in some ways, it could have been worse. For the clogged drain, Roto-Rooter was called in after the 20 foot snake didn't do the trick.

Today started out much better with checking my email and seeing I won the contest from Matmos to win their new cd Civil War. That was a good thing. I also found out the deal with Napster. Seems like going legit is the trend these days as the RIAA cracks down.

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