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Yesterday I decided to hook this site up to ORblogs which made sense since this page is a blog and I live in Oregon. Just like peanut butter and jelly, monkeyinthebox and ORblogs go together.

It looks like Apple Computer is giving it's famous logo a update. The Wired article seems to think the logo has the look of Hajime Sorayama. I want to know how anything from Apple logo looks like this. However, after seeing something like this, I wonder if it really matters.

Being such a fan I am of the 365 Days Project it was a bit surprising that I took so long to finally watch A Mighty Wind. Sure it's not quite that off the way, but it was well worth renting. Another DVD I picked up at the same time was Read My Lips. I had heard about this one and was glad that the rental store had it. It was a very good thriller, presenting itself as a AlfredHitchcockk style film. It works well and is worth checking out if you like the thriller genre.

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