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Searching For People? Try Matmos First


But I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

I had this theory a while ago that if you couldn't find someone via Google then they probably weren't listed on a website anywhere. I always thought it was odd that I couldn't find anyone from my first-year architectural design studio at UofO through a Google search. Today, out of nowhere comes an email from one of those guys who happened to see me listed on Matmos' website for winning the newest cd. It's one of those things that hurts your head, because now I have contact info for everyone, via the dude who saw my name on the site. It's almost like if you looking for someone you're better off going to major sporting even with a sign saying "[insert name here] thinks this team rocks". Put your email address on the sign too. You'll probably get better results than

This morning was a fun ordeal. I had decided that I would bike to work again today. Since it's getting closer to Fall and getting colder, this is now a daily decision. I had checked and saw that today would be the best day this week. Too bad my back tire on my bike didn't know that. On Friday on my ride back home I got a flat about 1/2 a mile from home. Not a huge deal and I patched the tube this weekend (or so I thought). About a mile into my ride today the tube showed me otherwise. Most likely I won't be riding again this week with rain in the forecast, but hopefully some more warm weather will hang around, so that a flat tire won't be the last ride of the season for me.

Speaking of riding, I saw the oddest thing on PBS yesterday. Mountain unicycling. Truly for those who like falling off their bikes more than riding them. I guess still not as exciting as Extreme Ironing, but then again, what really is?
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