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Oh, there's my DVD, I see it.

On November 18th the extended edition of the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers will be released on DVD. Let me say that even though it is available to pre-order from I will not be ordering it from It is cheap and it does say it will be delivered on the release date. However, my previous experience with has taught me otherwise. With the shipping cost added the price is really no better than going to the store, so you would think that would mean you get the item faster that actually going to the store. False. Sure back in July my wife put in an order at for the regular release DVD of The Two Towers. Sure the DVD was shipped about a week before the release date (good thing), shipped the package via Media Mail (bad thing). Okay, Media Mail isn't all bad. It has it's purpose (like sending bad Martha Stewart cooking books you never ordered). It's cheap and gets the job done. However, if you want to send something fast, then Media Mail is NOT the way to ship your item. From what I can tell, the process of shipping via Media Mail is equivalent to strapping your item to the back of a donkey and letting him walk to the destination. With my Two Towers DVD that shipped to me via Media Mail, the DVD took 3 weeks to receive (2 weeks after the release date). I could have crawled to my local Wal-Mart and have gotten the DVD faster. Of course after being a few days late (from what was promised) my wife contacted customer service numerous times. They assured her that "it should be there tomorrow". Of course each day the same thing happened. The DVD didn't arrive and customer service said, "it should be there tomorrow". After 5 calls in 5 days, promised to ship another one. That never happened. They did refund about $3.00 for shipping charges. If you ask me that's a cheap ass way of saying "HA HA Suckas!". Real customer service would have refunded the entire price in order to maybe, errr, ahhh, umm, convince me to ever want to order from again. You can probably guess from this post that I'll never be ordering from again and neither should you.

Given the fact Google likes blogs, Wal-Mart messed with the wrong smuck.
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