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The Monkey Is NOT Dead! Munchi Kawfi Lives!


With good cold medicine FOX tv is good!

Probably after my last post, it would have appeared that a hit squad of assassin ninja's was sent after me from but it's not true.

Being struck down with a bad head-cold is bad enough, but having it happen during playoff baseball is even worse. However attending a structural seminar while being sick gulping down cough syrup and going through more tissues than Kobe Bryant at his trial is worse. The funny thing was one of the healthy people from work who also attended fell asleep during the seminar and I did not. Good thing I took non-drowsy medicine.

The battle in the baseball card industry is always looking for some gimmick to get people to buy more card packs. This ugly trend started in the early 90's with autographed cards, or limited edition cards, or vintage cards from a time of when they actually were rare. I got out of the hobby when it turned to needing the limited edition, short print, gold-foil card with the special hologram of the players fat wallet with money overflowing to have a good card. The industry hit a new low with this offer from Donruss. Why is this bad? Because pieces of Ted Williams will be next.

After riding my bike last week (probably for the last time this season and before I got sick..hmmmm) it started to get nice and cold. The day before had serious frost. The day I rode did not. I saw that as probably the best chance I would have to make the trek. On the way to work, I got the 3rd flat tire on bike within a week. This was an obvious sign that things were not meant to be. However, I patched the tire and continued on my journey. The receptionist at work said I was "tough". I was all ready to order my bad motherf..ker wallet but when I was feeling sick the next day I backed down and decided to just give myself a cool Goddamn Rock Solid Ghetto Shiznit Name of Munchi Kawfi.

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