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Class Is In Session


Obey Or Else!

First up kids, The Three R's: Reading, 'Riting, & Removing Kazaa from your PC. This kind of stuff is scary. Sure it's a good idea to teach kids right from wrong, but this really does sound like brainwashing to me. The next thing we'll be hearing is the classrooms teaching kids to install the now legit Napster. This is America afterall, so under no circumstances should free thinking be encouraged.

If your a video game player from the 80's you'll appreciate this more than today's kids who bitch and moan about crappy games on an xBox or Game Cube. It is interesting that the nostaglia factor really does block away the memories of the crappy graphics and repetitious games. I seriously wish I still had my Atari 2600 some days, but if I had it, would I really play it?

Want to eat healthier? No thanks, I'll stick too my Whopper with fries. I want to Large Size it too.

So far, no problems with the cell phone today.

Yesterday the NBA season kicked off. For some reason it really didn't feel too special. The Lakers and Mavericks played and even though Kobe didn't he still got in the way. Today the NBA sees the first game with LeBron James. Maybe that's why yesterday really didn't feel that special. I mean, LeBron is going to save the league, right? His shoes are getting more press than most players these days, atleast the ones not shooting, raping, or causing other trouble. Realistically there is no way he will be able to live up to the hype. He will be good, but Kobe even had a bad rookie year. He was playing with high schoolers before and now with players like Shaq, Yao Ming, Dirk... Simply put, he's in a different world now. Maybe a different universe. College makes high school look like a joke, so what does the NBA do to college? The same thing. Good luck LeBron, you'll need it.

Speaking of bad luck, this guy who used to work at Microsoft made a mistake with his blog. From what I've read, it doesn't sound like he didn't anything that wrong, but if you work for the evil empire, don't badmouth the evil empire. Pay attention Joe Torre too.

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