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Let It Snow


Bust Out the SUV Maw!

Yesterday late afternoon it got cold and soon enough very small flakes were falling from the sky. It was very light snow and nothing to really think much about. Waking up this morning was a different story. Sure, I had checked out and saw that light snow was forecasted, but this morning it was actually snowing pretty hard with a good 2 inches already on the ground. Being the first snowfall of the season and given the fact that a lot of people from California move to my city and have no clue about driving in snow, I knew to expect the worst. The city had actually done an okay job on sanding around my house, but as I got closer to work there was absolutely nothing but wet slippery snow. My office is located at the top of a hill in a business park that usually does a good job of keeping the roads drivable since it also houses vacation condos for the wealthy, an athletic club for the wealthy and a restaurant for the wealthy. Usually the wealthy don't like hurting their Mercedes, BMW or Lexus SUVs, so the roads are more babied than a baby. But the early snow caught a lot of people with there pants down, so the roads today were so slick that I was extremely lucky to make it to the top. Half of my office was not able to make it up the hill. Those who did had to use four-wheel drive. My non-four-wheel drive Camry spun it's wheels a lot, but did make it eventually. One of my co-workers was hit by a SUV who saw that four-wheel drive can make you go go go, but doesn't do shit when you try to stop stop stop.

For the next few days the local tire shops will be more filled with people trying to get studded tires than a Krispy Kreme donut shop when the fresh donut light goes on.
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