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The end is here and I have seen it.

I had made up my mind fare in advance that I didn't want to do with Matrix revolutions as I had previously done with Matrix Reloaded, so tickets were purchased last night for the 10am showing today (6am? No thanks Zero Hour! ). Maybe there was more people excited to see the movie at 6 in the morning, but for the second show, there was no line, seats were easy to find, and nobody was dressed like Trinity. Not really a "geek" crowd either with a lot of couples, older people and generally not the crowd I expected to see. But the real point is I saw the movie!

Overall I left satisfied with it. The beginning was a little slow and quiet (especially after how they started Reloaded), but it did pretty much pick up where Reloaded left off. Quickly we get to see the new Oracle (Mary Alice) due to Gloria Foster's death. I think Gloria was a better person to play the Oracle, but she did it first, so it was a bit hard to accept Mary. The good thing is the movie acts the same way and doesn't expect you to accept the change either. I think it worked well. I don't think I'll talk about the story much now, since I'm still soaking it in and since it's still fresh in the theaters I don't want to spoil it for anyone yet.
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