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The Day After And The Day Before


Two sides are better than one

It's the day after my viewing of Matrix Revolutions and I'm starting to see some sort of good and sort of bad reviews. Is it rotten yet? Maybe too early to tell, but in due time we'll know. Speaking of time, these are some bad-ass clocks and these are nice to go. But getting back to The Matrix, I really looking forward to seeing more theories on the movie. This [possible spoilers] one was an interesting take that I didn't really consider. In some ways I feel like so much is going on in these movies that it's easy to miss little details that add to the story, so a second viewing is often needed to make sure an seemingly minor detail wasn't missed.

I think that the large amount of negative comments is after the first film, the level was set too high to maintain over a trilogy.

The second movie, however, had the reverse effect on me. There was no longer any human element in the film, and I felt like an Orga stranded in a sea of Mechas. In fact, the more I learned about the "mythology" the less fascinated I became; each "revelation" actually decreased my interest. Worse, the bloated action scenes were interminable, and very little happened in between them that was worthwhile. I also thought that the character of Morpheus, so commanding in the first one, became utterly laughable, partly because Fishburne turned him into a stoic cartoon.

If the series is done, which seems to be the case, I think they did a good job ending it. And now Juno Reactor will have to get back to their own work.

However the Lord of the Rings series has kept pushing the envelope and the final movie is going to be kick-ass (Cartman style).

It looks like after a World Series loss to the Marlins, the Yankees will be doing some major revamping for next year. However it's nice that others are giving the Yankees advice on howto rebuild the team. But do you really think George needs any help?

It's after Halloween, but the pictures are still showing up on sites. If you dress like this you are a true internet geek (not that there's anything wrong with that). I'm also very bummed that October 31st came and went and Alien : The Directors Cut is nowhere to be seen in my town. Maybe there's still hope. I'll have to look around here in the meantime.

So which is better the Monopoly Game at McDonalds or free music? These people might say free music is next time around.

Sure it's interesting to wonder how Honda made this, but if you want to break it down even earlier, check this out on the making of the Legos.

Today is the day before my birthday, and since I had previous plans during lunchtime tomorrow, the office today did a birthday lunch. Birthday lunches at work are always about the same thing. Eating and talking about weird stuff or work stuff. The discussion at point reached me talking about not having to work in a grocery store and then went on to how God-Awful Wal-Mart is which the climax statement being 'You needed to be drunk or smoke a doobie to go into this Wal-Mart'. Sam Walton would have been moved. Free food is always a good thing, so even if all birthday lunches involve a Wal-Mart discussion I'll show up.
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