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Well That Blows


Blow this

Last Friday was my birthday. It was a long day and when I mean long, I mean the kind of day that when you finally get home you just want to goto sleep. Was it a bad day? Well, not really, but it was a long day.

There was a point where I had a nice post written up, but forgot to post it before I left work on Friday. All I really had to do was push the publish button with Blogger and it would be here in full glory (or some form of glory). This morning when I went to hit publish, it asked me to log in again, which makes sense since the browser window had been idle for more than 60 hours. After logging in, my post was gone, vanished, no more. Shit. I should have copied the whole post to the clipboard (like I usually would do just in case), but it is early and not enough coffee is flowing in the veins right now.

What did I write about before? Think of this as 11.07.2003 Reloaded.

Maybe Matrix Revolutions fails to live up to the hype but would these deleted scenes really help? Errrrr...probably not. Speaking of the Matrix itself, when is it?

So this is why I only got 350 spam emails about a penis patch, viagra and enlarging your breasts. Thanks George W! I think my mail filtering software probably did more than anything the government is going to pass.

It's hard to write about non Matrix stuff lately, simply because I was looking forward to the film. Now that it has come, my next movie fixation will be the Return of the King, which I think we offer a much better finale than the Matrix did, probably since I know what to expect. This will definitely be a movie to see on opening day, but if you have a extremely strong bladder why not revisit the whole series and see the new movie? Just think of how numb your ass would be after that. Bring it on!

Speaking of another film that I probably won't get to see in a theater, but that I am looking forward too, is in the anime genre. Usually I don't watch much of anything in the anime world. Heavy Metal was very good and I seem to remember liking Vampire Hunter, but it was probably mostly because they were pretty dark cartoons with a lot of sex thrown in, and that wasn't something I normally saw in the animated world. It was many years later that in Architecture school one of my fellow classmates, lent me his video of Ghost in the Shell. It was very good as well and it looks like the 2004 release of its sequel should be as well. Well worth seeking out, atleast on DVD when it makes it to the video stores.

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