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The Week Of The Living Dead


Bring out yer dead!

If there ever was a week where I was glad it was Friday, this is it. I've had the sort of days where I feel like I'm going full speed from 7am to 12:30am everyday of the week. Too much work, side projects and meetings, appointments that I can now say, "YEY!!!! I'm done". Well almost, atleast. Weekend! Weekend!

Bad robots bad! Looks like The Whitehouse doesn't want robots here. Funny I didn't see:

Disallow: /president/gallery/photoessay/monica/sheblows

I'm sure just about everyone has seen the Onion's Mom Finds Blog spoof. Blogger was quick to respond. The thing is these things do happen and people do get into trouble so next time you think about posting about your weekend orgy or how much beer you can drink in 24 hours, think again sucka! But if you want to post pictures of yourself in your new conservative swimsuit go for it.

Given the fact that I am looking forward to Return of the King next month, reading this about Christopher Lee not being in the film is a real letdown. I finished the book a few months ago and really got curious about how much of the book would get chopped off in the movie. Reading this story answers all those questions. Hollywood Ending, here we come.

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