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Paris Hilton Gone Wild


Don't go wild, PLEASE!

As new email shows up in MailWasher with subject titles like paris hilton p0rn 4free ,T`H;E` ' `P` `A'R:I;S. H `ILT0N `VID .E:O and free paris hilton porn site (seriously 3 in a row!) I think it's time for some more good advice. Thankfully the nice folks at ESPN helped me out today with a piece called How to watch Paris Hilton at work. Now you are all set. But wait, you say you don't have the Paris Hilton sex video? Well my friend, Peer 2 Peer wasn't just made for downloading Britney Spears or the newest Matrix movie was it?

[UPDATE] Paris Hilton tears up internet searches more news at 11.

It seems that Blogger is having a lot of fun while telling you how to not get fired over your blog. If the boss is looking over your back a lot, the web fire escape looks like a winner.

Do you know any new babies with names like Xerox or Samsung? Well I wouldn't be surprised if you do soon. I guess it could be worse if you were named Trojan because... err.. nevermind.

Yesterday we acquired the extended edition of The Two Towers. I didn't make the extreme push to stay up and finish it last night. I didn't end up starting to watch it until around 9:45pm and the chance of finishing a 3-hour forty minute movie didn't look good. I did manage to get through the first disc. I'll say so far I'm very impressed with the extended cut. There's a lot of little pieces of scenes that were trimmed off the theatrical release. It felt more like the final movie was finished and was the length of the extended cut. Peter Jackson then said "Ah crap, our movie is too long". It's kinda like, they trimmed off everything that wasn't very crucial in moving the story along quickly. I'm looking forward to disc 2 tonight. My biggest compliant is the $5 rebate I'm supposed to get for buying the regular version and extended versions of the movie. My theatrical version never came with a rebate form, which seems to be the case if you bought the very early releases of it. Going to the official rebate site it states you need an official form. Since I don't have one, you can request one and have it mailed to you in 4 to 6 weeks. Oh joy, then I get to send the rebate in and wait another 4 to 6 weeks for the $5 check. I did a Google search on this today and found this. The second form doesn't even ask for a receipt for a purchase of the first version. I'm thinking since the rebate is only $5, I'm going to risk it. If I act quickly I might be able to score a cheap bottle of champagne for New Years.

Don't forget tomorrow is pizza day.

Well slap me silly. I never imagined KFC chicken was healthy. Oh wait, its not. However drinking stout beer is good for you. So if you're going to sit down with a bucket of KFC, atleast put down the Budwiser and pick up a Guinness. Cheers!

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